Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

Governor Devanand Konwar reiterated on Tuesday the NDA government’s commitment to take the state at par with other developed states in the next five years.  The government would pursue the policy of “development with justice” so that people at the last ladder of development could also enjoy the fruits of development, he said.

Addressing the joint session of state legislature, the governor said the government would priorities road, water, power, health, education, agriculture and onslaught on corruption so that the peace of development was accelerated.

Since corruption impedes the process of development, the government has vowed to weed out corrupt practices from the state.  In order to put a check on corrupt practices and take control of ill-gotten money, the govt. had enacted a law by which it would be able to acquire the assets generated through corrupt practices.  These assets would be utilized for public utility schemes, governor said and added that between 2006 and 2010, in all 394 trap cases were registered and 498 government servants arrested.  Besides, nine cases of disproportionate assets [D A] were registered by the state vigilance bureau.

As soon as governor started reading out his speech, RJD members sprang on their feet to raise slogans like “Rashtrakavi kahai apman, kabza hai unka makan [It is dishonor to national poet whose house is in unauthorized occupation]’ and “Dinkar Bhawan hadap rahe hai, Modi bandhu kirayedar [Dinkar’s house is being usurped by deputy CM Sushil’s Modi’s relatives living there as tenants]. Some opposition MLAs were carrying placards also.

Girls who used to get Rs 2k as bicycle allowance would now get Rs 2.5k, and now boys have also been covered under the “Mukhyamantri cycle yojana”.

Later, leader of Opposition Abdul Bari Siddiqui termed the governor’s speech as a “bundle of lies”. He said since 2006 the government kept on speaking lies through the governor.  “What happened to the assurances given in 2006 and consecutive years?” he asked.

The NDA government is more believer of signing Bihar & India than implementation of policies and programmes for public benefits.



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