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A special court on Tuesday held 31 people guilty of burning the S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express at Godhra  railway station on February 27, 2002 killing 59 passengers, mainly ‘ Kar Sewaks’  returning from Ayodhya.

Additional sessions judge P R Patel acquitted 63 of the 94 accused for lack of evidence in Gujrat’s first and biggest Pota case where 134 accused were booked under terror laws.  The court upheld the conspiracy theory but freed Maulvi Hussain Umarji, a 63-year-old accused by police of plotting the killings.  Of those acquitted, 13 were already out on bail and the rest would be free after nearly nine years in prison.

The conspiracy charge almost lapsed when Umarji was declared innocent.  The court convicted 31 people for murder and conspiracy and would announce sentences on Friday.

It described the motive of the attack as the accuser’s anger against Karsevaks.

Those acquitted cried out of joy while the convicts anxiously listened to the judge who took some 30 minutes to read judgments.

The Godhra train burning had sparked off  state- government- sponsored riots across the state in 2002 in which ten thousands Muslims butchered and thrown in fires and also massive loss of their properties looted by state Gundas & police personnel’s. Even the Prime minister Atal Bihari Bajpaiji ,reminded CM Narendra Modi of   “ Raj Dharma’ yet the cruelty of Modi did not stop and riots continued whole 2002 and many fake encounters sponsored by the state police done in the Gujrat.

Official figure is about 1200, people killed specially Muslims during the riots, the govt. turned the riots as revenge for the killing of kar sevaks at Godhra that was totally false as it is the clear from the special court verdicts

Actually Godhra incident was pre-planned of the state govt. strategy to stablised Hindus vote in favour of ruling party and nothing else. The coming time would prove it.


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