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Mohd Azharuddin is as soft with his words as he was with his sublime strokes. In a recent interview to a magazine, the former Indian captain had something trenchant to say on some issues. Most surprisingly, he made some caustic remarks about, of all people, Sachin Tendulkar.

Azhar and Tendulkar played many games for India together and also under each other’s captaincy. When asked why Tendulkar didn’t succeed as a dozen, Azhar said, “I don’t want to talk about him.There are some people I just don’t want to talk about.” When reminded of reports which claimed he did not support Tendulkar when the latter was captain, He remarked, “Not true. Check the statistics. When he was captain, I scored more runs than anyone else on the team, in both forms of the game.” Azhar replied, adding, “Tendulkar didn’t have it in him to succeed as captain.”

Queried on whether he watches ex-colleagues Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid bat, Azhar, now a Congress M P, answered in the negative. “I like to see Laxman. He is a very positive player. The stylish batsman was quoted as saying that he was not in touch with any of his team mates. “I am not in touch with anybody. I have a different life now. And I thank the almighty Allah for giving me that patience. I am a very patient person, because patience always pays in any walk of life.” Azhar added, “The only cricketer I met after I stopped playing was Kapil Paaji. I like the way he respects people.” Azhar, who was banned for his alleged role in the match-fixing scandal in 2000, believes he could have played for a few more years. I was only destined to play 99 tests. Azhar interview seems that former Indian skipper yet not had forgotten the pains of sudden end of his golden cricket career on the alleged charges of match fixing punishment. His old colleagues, especially Manoj Prabhakar was the man behind the sad plight of this great cricketer, but now he is in different stream of life and it will be better for him to forgive & forget the past and be happy in his present life.



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