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Another practice match coming up To-day, and MS Dhoni explained its importance ahead of their World Cup opener against Bangladesh in Mirpur on Saturday.

“The heart beat goes up just a bit when you are in a match-situation. The competitive edge and the intensity stay, and you know whether those outside edges are going straight to slips or racing away to the boundaries,” said the India skipper.

The schedule is quite hectic, yet the World Cup organizers have fitted in two practice games and much like Sunday in Bangalore, it’s a sellout in Chennai for Wednesday’s match against New Zealand.

Sachin Tendulkar has played only 4 of the 27 ODIs that India have played in while Sehwag has featured in 9 games. With the team so heavily dependent on the Sachin-Sehwag duo, both should look to have a hit in the middle and get into good ODI form before the real action starts.

India skipper should try to make first hundred within 10 to 14 overs of the any match, without losing any wicket; especially Sachin-Sehwag must remain on wicket at least 10 to 20 overs. Virender Sehwag should be advised to be cooled but tempo high and sticky to wicket, when India plays

with England, Australia, S A and Pakistan. Against these teams solid score would insure our victories. A run out must be ignored specially in tough situation and also LBW is a curse for any match winning team. India must keep these points in mind in all matches. Temper and aggressiveness never treated good steps in any fight.



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