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The Kahalgaon Super Thermal Power Project [KhSTPP] of NTPC has shut down 5 production units due to stoppage in coal supply and sharp fall in coal reserve following the damage to coal carrying rail wagons and merry-go-round [MGR] tracks in last Sunday’s derailment accident.

Power generations from the generation unit nos. 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7 at Kh STPP have come to standstill following acute shortage in coal reserve, KhSTPP sources said adding generation has dropped to 536 MW at the plant which has generation capacity of 2,340 MW.

KhSTPP [a coal based thermal power plant of NTPC] is being fed from ECL [Jharkhand] by NTPC owned rail racks through a dedicated MGR. The coal supply should be gear up at war basis to Kahalgaon power project because the worst sufferer is the Bihar state. Most of the part of state is under darkness.



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