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Life after death

A dead man tells no tale so goes the saying! But what happens when a man, believed to be dead, come back alive and kicking after 18 days much to the astonishment of all. But the return of this “dead man” has thrown up several questions. Most importantly: whose body was recovered by Chuitaha police and subsequently cremated by ‘family’ members?

Sources said a youth body was recovered by Chuitaha police on Jan 20 from a sugar field near Sonabarasa village.

One Gopal Yadav of the same village identified the body to be that of his cousin, Brajesh Yadav.

Semara [Chiutaha] police had even lodged an FIR on the complaint of Gopal wherein 6  persons—Ramashankar Giri of Sonagharwah village under Ramnagar P.S and  Sukhal Ram of Gobardhana village and 4 others—were made named accused.  The complaint had disclosed in the FIR that the deceased had gone to earn livelihood along with the accused persons. On returning home, they killed him and threw the body in the sugarcane field.  Interestingly even the deceased’s “family” also performed his last rite. But, lo! Brajesh Yadav—the man though to be dead—suddenly returned to the village from Ludhiana on Monday.  Bagaha S P Sidharth Mohan Jain said a case will be lodged against the complainant on the charge of cooking up the story of murder and misleading the police.



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