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A 3-bedroom flat with a super built-up area of 1,500sft in an apartment under construction at Phulwari sharif is up for sale Rs 52.50 lakh. Another 3-bedroom flat of 1,750 sq ft in Doctors Colony at Kankarbagh is on sale for an identical sum.

These eye-popping prices have been quoted in online ads. Have realty prices in Patna reached the levels of tier-1 cities? Well, almost, says Prabhat Kumar, a city-based corporate manager.

Prabhat should know. For, he himself scouted for a flat in an apartment in NOIDA recently. I finally homed in on a township being developed by a multi-thousands crore corporate group. Flats in this 1100 acre township on the outskirts of Delhi were available at prices that compare favorably with Patna prices. While one type of 815-sqft apartment was available for a starting price of Rs 39 lakh.

The shot up of prices of flats at Patna are as per class-1, cities due to enhanced salaries of Government staffs and black money generated in MNREGA & other schemes, where 80% looting of money apprehended.



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