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On the World Cancer Day on Friday, doctors in the state were urged to work for the well being of patients with more dedication.

The Welfare of patients should be of prime importance to doctors.  The needs of doctors are also important but those do not merit more importance than patients, state principal secretary [health] Amarjeet Sinha said while speaking at a Cancer awareness program at Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences [IGIMS] on Friday.

He said there is an urgent need to get ISO certification for more health institutions of the state as such certifications would serve as a pull factor for the medical professionals who have settled abroad. Several Indian Doctors abroad have expressed their desire to join IGIMS and other such institutions, he said.

Giving Cancer-related statistics of India, IGIMS director Dr Arun Kumar said villagers are more vulnerable to Cancer.  Doctors in rural areas should be made to hold regular teleconferencing and videoconferencing with experts.  It will be of help to hundreds of cancer patients in the countryside, he said. Very good initiative taken by Shatrughan Sinha and IGIMS adopted towards Cancer treatment.


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