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India may be IT capital of the world, but it is lagging far behind other countries in cyber security, said Ankit Fadia, a renowned ethical hacker here.

Not only are Internet users individuals, companies and governments- unaware of various risks of cybercrime and fraud, the law enforcing agencies are ill-equipped and ill-trained to tackle them,  “ the 24-year-old Fadia said, who was here to give lecture at an IIT Patna fest.  With high growth in computer users and networks, the scale and sophistication of cybercrimes have increased, he said. An Independent computer security and digital intelligence consultant, Fadia has authored 14 internationally bestselling books on topics related to computer security.

Talking about ethical hacking, he said: The job of an ethical hacker is to get into the minds of computer criminals, think like them and come up with innovative methods to protect computers, networks and data. If cyber security compromised, individuals, companies and nations may have to pay a high price in many ways, he said.  Theft of classified information can pose security risks for a country and pecuniary loss and other problems for individuals.

He told in an exclusive interview, Pakistan cyber criminals de-face 50 to 60 Indian website a day, since 2001.  Terrorists are using most advanced technologies for communication to hide their nefarious design.

He further said latest computer viruses, worms, spyware and malware spread through social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, orkut and Myspace.  He said he has made a formal request to the Union HRD ministry to start a short course on ethical hacker at the plus two levels in all CBSE & ICSE schools. The Central Govt must have positive thinking on Fadia suggestions on the greater interest of the national security measures taking into minds. Good suggestions by Fadia.



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