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In view of the state’s improved capacity to spend and utilize funds under annual plan outlay, Dy CM Sushil Kumar Modi said on Thursday that the Centre should not feel constrained in clearing the state’s annual plan worth Rs 24k crore for the next fiscal year 2011-12. Modi, added that the state’s annual plan outlay that was fixed for the current fiscal was Rs20k. Accordingly, the annual plan outlay for the  2011-12 fiscal should be increased by 20% of  the current fiscal. So computed, it would be Rs 24,000 crore, Modi said.  He said the although state govt. had asked the Centre to allow it to raise Rs 7,222.87 crore by borrowing but the Centre asked it to be fixed at Rs 6,342 crore, similarly, he said the state expected Rs 26,852 crore from the pool of central taxes for itself, but the planning commission has asked the state govt. to fix it at Rs 26,109 crore.

Modi felt that the Centre would be considerate towards the state with regard to its demand regarding its money mobilization request beyond the current cap of three percent of the GSDP. The Congress led UPA 2 looks very liberal towards Bihar and its people in the allocation of funds for developments, in the state all round and prepared a road map for whole country, indeed.


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