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After much hue and cry raised by deputy  CM Sushil Kumar Modi about the fate of two major railway  projects in Bihar  the diesel locomotive manufacturing factory at Marhaura  in  Saran  district [at a cost of Rs 2025 crore ] and electric locomotive factory at Madhepura [Rs 1294 crore],  the Railway Board on Thursday announced that these two  projects have not been shelved.  Railways would complete them on public private partnership [PPP] basis.

According to Railway Board chairman Vivek Sahay, railways would complete these projects on a priority basis. The details have been worked out to start civil work, on these 2 major railway projects in Bihar.

According to a Board official, railways is in need of about 450 hectare land at Madhepura for the electric locomotive factory. Railways have already paid Rs 75 crore to the Bihar Govt towards the cost of land required for the proposed factory.  Presently railways are in the need about 227 acres land to start the civil work at Madhepura.

Land acquisition is the job of state govt. Now the ball is in the court of the state‘s jurisdiction and any delay in the commencement of civil works directly goes to the state and for delay no one can charge railways. As finance minister Modi responsibility is much enhanced for speedy land acquisition required for both projects, to charge Lalu Prasad has no footings because he is neither in power in state or centre, He has done great job to get sanctioned of the projects during his tenure as railways minister. It is misfortune for Bihar that he could not return in UPA-2, cabinet. Yet he will surely contribute his complete support to get these projects executed timely as an originator of the same.



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