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Ruby “the heart stealer”, the young Moroccan who sparked an investigation into  Prime Minister  Silvio Berlusconi for allegedly paying for sex with a minor, announced on Wednesday she is about to get married. 18 –year old Ruby, real name Karima El Mahroug, told a local edition of the Republican daily that she is set to get hitched to finance Luca Rizza, a 41-year old manager of a disco, in a town hall wedding in three weeks time.

Once married, the disco-dancing daughter of immigrants living in Sicily hopes to finish her high school studies in psycho pedagogy in Genova and have a church wedding in June.

Milan judges have almost finished interviewing witnesses to back up allegations that the PM paid to have sex, with the underage Ruby and a second minor, as well as hand picking prostitutes for wild parties.  But in the interview, Ruby said she was by no means worried about the inquiry because she is only a witness.

When asked whether she thought Berlusconi would be put on trial or found guilty, Ruby replied: “I don’t know his problem.” The PM’s main problem, according to Ruby, is loneliness which he attempts to stave off by buying affection. It is a suggestion for Berlusconi to change his life style and may divert his desires from SEX TO SANYASH and remain in happiness & peace.


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