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Revival of 6 viable sick industries in the state seems to be a difficult proposition. Although the state Level Apex Committee had recommended their revival more than 6 months back, not a single sick unit has been revived so far.

During the past 20 years, the committee through scores of meetings could only recommend revival of just 6 SSIs. Notably, these meetings were attended by bankers,  RBI representatives, state officials and the representatives of industries.  Lack of commitment on the part of the promoters and bankers was alleged to be the possible cause of delay in revival of the industries during the past six months.

The promoters had blamed the adverse policies of the Govt. during the previous regime and only part or delayed payments of industrial loans by the financial institutions and banks for the sickness and closure of scores of industrial units in Bihar. During elections 2010 Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi claimed in their campaigning that these sick units would start functioning within 3 months, more than 2 months passed, but situation remained as it was before elections and hopefully it would be remained in same condition s, until next elections come. Industrial revival of NDA 2 Govt is just a gimic to bluff the people of Bihar and not more than that.



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