Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

The Gazette of Britain says that documents kept in London as records of  August 1942 revolution in India against British was not  much  effective [known as quit India movement also called August kranti], it could be discussed, but it is not correct in the reference of Bihar, the major happing in Bihar since its inception in March 1912 may be seen as follows;

1—Bihar and Orissa incurved from Bengal Presidency on 22-03.1912.

2—Indian national Congress held its first sesson in 1912 in Bihar, Pt Jawaharlal Nehru participated. 3—Mahatma Gandhi arrived in Bihar on 10. 04. 1917 started his movement from Champaran. Massive participation of people witnessed, big success.

4—Maulana Mazaharul Haque established Sadaqat Ashram on the right bank of river Ganga, now HQ of Bihar Cong, at Patna in 1920. Non –co-operation movement started. Big people participation. Mother of Ali Brothers, B.Amma strong contributions attracted massive women participations in this movement.

5—Inception of Socialist party took place in 1931 and Bihar become the main centre of freedom movement and 20 freedom fighters punished called [KALA PANI]

6—In 1932-34, Gandhiji started his movement against castes and un touchabilities, it drew huge public participations. Gandhiji under took many tours in 1932-34, in several districts of Bihar.

7—in 1936, Orissa separated from Bihar and Satyendra Prasan Singh got the honor to become 1st Indian in British India.

8—In 1937, first democratic elections took place, the Cong emerged largest party, But Barrister Mohd. Yunus led coalition Govt. with Cong, his Independent Party stood 11, in elections.

9—In 1942, quit India movement started in Bihar on 11/8/1942 and 7 student died in police firing in front of secretariat. 23K+ people arrested by the end of Bihar.

10—1n 1947 India got freedom and Dr Rajendra of CHHAPRA became President of India and Sri Krishna Sinha CM of Bihar.

11—In 1952-57, Bihar was in category-1, among Indian states and B I T Meshra College established near Ranchi, now Jharkhand.

12—In 1967, 1st non-congress government came into power, But could not succeeded to deliver the goods to people 7 CMs, took oath of office and the most suffering Department was the education.

13—In 1974, Jai Prakash Narayan started stir against Congress Govt. in Bihar, late Abdul Gafoor was CM. J P agitation slowly spread into whole India and, ultimately, Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in June 1975 and most of the opposition leaders sent to jail.

14—In 1977, emergency lifted and Congress party completely routed in hasting and great socialist leader Karpoori Thakur become CM of Bihar and took revolutionaries decisions, like 17% for backward class and appointment of 10k technocrats.

15—In 1990, Lalu Prasad become CM and new type of administration started. In 1997, Rabri Devi came into power,after fodder scam came to surface and Lalu jailed.

16—On 15/X1/200, again Bihar divided and a new state Jharkhand incurved for tribal’s.

17—In 2005 ,RJD  voted out and NDA came into power and Nitish took oath of CM for social justice and developments.

18—In 2010, assembly elections proved revolutions against oppositions and NDA came into power capturing 85% seats with 39% of vote shares. Nitish got second terms with huge people mandates for all round developments and good governance.

Hence it is not correct that 1942 movement was weak in Bihar, people of Bihar are most sensitive and have strong political ambitions and very conscious about their rights and the coming 100 years will be for Bihar & Biharis.



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