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Mobile phone users, be they Politian’s, sensitive post holders or the moneyed, face a serious problem with the latest technology allowing rivals and criminals to eavesdrop and record their private conversations, the Centre has told Supreme Court.

A PIL by one Ravindra Kumar had alleged the government and probe agencies indiscriminately intercepted phones without following procedure. The government denied the charge but clarified:  “With the advancement of wireless networks worldwide, many eavesdropping techniques have also been developed.”  Dealing with politician Amar Singh’s allegation about illegal interception of his telephone, a bench o Justices G S Singhvi and A K Ganguly said:  “It is more serious. If a service provider connives with a private person and starts intercepting telephones, then it is very dangerous. Anyone can go to the service provider and listen to the conversations.” It is extremely unacceptable and privacy and security must be maintained by all concerned in the larger interest of the nation and public and service provider must be handled with iron hands if found guilty.



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