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Sangeeta Devi, in her 30s, is HIV positive, which she contracted from her husband.  She came to know about it after her husband died.  Worse, 2 of their 4 children the younger ones aged 6 and 4 years—are also infected.  No less tragic is the tale of Pinky, also in her 30s, who has lost her elder child to Aids.  Her other child and she are infected.  So is, of course, her husband.

Many women are suffering silently, having contracted the deadly virus from their husbands. But thanks to Navjeevan Community Care Centre, at least some of them pieces together bits of their lives to start afresh for the sake of their kids.

Most of the HIV- afflicted persons lose the Will to live the moment they come to know about their ailment.  Loss of family back up, job discrimination and social stigma add to their woes and render them emotionally vulnerable.

We try to reignite the love for life. We arouse in them a fresh zeal to live by regularly taking medicines available free of cost at anti-retro viral therapy centers,’ Sister Francina said. Good efforts to rehabilitate the HIV infected persons.



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