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Even hardened criminals rarely dare badmouth a cop when confronted.  But Patna SSP B S Meena got shock of his life when he called up an alleged eve–teaser to make him feel chastened and got a threatening rebuff instead.

Meena was on Friday poring over a bundle of complaints SMSed to his office when he stumbled upon a girl’s SOS, urging police to save her from a stalker.  She also gave a cell phone number from which she was receiving lewd messages.

“I almost impulsively dialed the number, disclosed my identity and asked the teen to leave the girl alone,” Meena recalled.  But lo and behold, the “lad in love” warned the SSP not to come in his way and dared him to do whatever he wished to. The boy was taking the caller to be a common. He soon

He soon realized his folly as jeepload of policemen appeared at his doorstep after tracing his cell phone to Parsa Bazaar on the outskirts of Patna.  By noon, he was standing in front of the SSP.

“The boy started crying and a high- voltage drama followed.  We let the boy go but only after he swore that he would not trouble the girl again and the girl agreed to withdraw her complaint,’ the SSP said.

In another incident, a girl was being harassed by a man based in Gurgaon. The SSP called him up and curtly asked him, “Where would you like to be arrested, in Delhi or Gurgaon?”

The man broke down and the relief was instantaneously available to the aggrieved.

Patna police have been grappling with such cases ever since the SSP launched a Helpline on January 6 to receive complaints pertaining to eve-teasing and delay in issuance of police verification reports for arms licenses and pass-ports.  The actions of SSP Meena are most appreciable, good job by police.


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