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ADG [HQ]   P K Thakur on Saturday said that in all 13 persons  were  charge sheeted in the killing of the then Munger S P  K C Surendra Babu and five police constables on Jan  5, 2005, in which only three were acquitted while the rest 10 are still in Jail.

He was reacting to the accusation leveled by leader of opposition Abdul Bari Siddiqui that due to lopsided investigation, 3 accused were acquitted by the court.  Thakur said that police head quarters are scrutinizing the court judgement and if police personnel are found lax in presenting the case properly they would be hauled up.

Of 13 arrested, 3 persons Mangal Rai, Bhopal Thakur and Raj Kumar Das, who were arrested on Jan 13, 2005, six days after the killing of S P, were acquitted recently by a Munger court.

The ADG said that the police would appeal in the high court [HC] in this connection.

He said that the  mastermind  of the SP’s killing  Aghor Singh was caught in Delhi in July , 2010, while  2 othrs who confessed their participation in the gory killing—Jai paswan  and  Tara Mandal—were caught in Jamui in 2010.  The police would bring all these recent developments in the appeal which would be filed in the HC soon, the ADG mentioned. A very honest efforts needs by the police to clean the black spot on the face of entire police force in the state in the killing of SP Surendra Babu.


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