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The railway budget for 2011-12 fiscal to be presented in the Lok Sabha next month is likely to decide fate of several railway projects sanctioned for Bihar.

Since 2002 onwards, the East Central Railway [ECR] has always got a rich haul in the would not prefer to carry outbudget due to the fact that the railway minister used to hail from Bihar. At present, railway projects worth about 55 k crore are being executed in Bihar.

According to sources railway minister Mamta Banerjee is likely to give priority to safety and modernization work in the railways.

Cleanliness, quality food supply at reasonable price and punctuality of mail and express trains may get importance in her proposed budget.

The public-private partnership [PPP] venture, which was earlier not given priority, may get impotance in the budget.  Since Mamta would not prefer to carry out many expensive railway projects proposed in Bihar at railways own expences, the PPP proposals could gain ground in the proposed budget for the fast  completion of these projects in Bihar, including locomotive  manufacturing factories at Marhaura  in Saran district and Madhepura in the Kosi belt.



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