Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

RJD has alleged that NDA-11 is 2 month old, yet the regime has not taken any concrete step to stem corruption which has taken gargantuan shape.

“Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is only indulging in talk and doing nothing substantial to restrict the rot,” said the party spokesman, Shakeel Ahmed Khan.

Citing an example, Khan said that corruption has taken   monstrous proportions in Imamganj assembly constituency in Gaya district.

“There is 80% scam in the implementation of mid-day meal scheme and 90% in MNREGA.”

As if these were not enough, the police arrested several persons who were invited to a feast organized by a local person, Ajay Sao, on Jan 17 this year, branding them as Maoists.  “Their only fault was that they were close confidants of Roshan Manjhi, who contested the last assembly election against an important JD-U person,” Khan said without naming the Speaker, Udai Narayan Chaudhary.

“All the arrested persons were innocent.  This incident reflected the law and order situation in Imamganj, which is at its lowest ebb.  Every body knows who is having links with Naxals,” Khan said

He said that Chaudhary trailed till 19th round of counting, but suddenly Roshan Manjhi was shown to have lost by a small margin -437 votes only.

“If the government is really sincere about bringing in rule of law in the state, the Imamganj arrests should be investigated by any senior officer of the police HQs or by the Crime Investigation Department,” he said.  It is not proper to take political revenge and misuse of powers by ruling party and the innocent must be released without further delay.



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