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Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s endeavour to promote eco-tourism near beautiful hills at Rajgir fructified on Saturday when he dedicated to tourists the Ghorakatora Lake located at foot of the Griddhkut hill, atop which is located the Vishwa Shanti Stupa.  The CM cut the ribbon to unveil the plaque on the occasion.

The CM travelled 6km on a Tonga.  He also inaugurated the boating facility at the lake and told the gathering that 4 ducks and 4 tortoises had been brought to lake to begin with.

He recounted that during his stay at Rajgir on January 24-25, 2009; he had viewed the natural beauty of the place from atop the Griddhkut hill, spotted the Ghorakatora Lake for the first time and visited the lake on that occasion.  Impressed by its beauty, he immediately issued directives to the state tourism department and Nalanda district administration to develop the lake and the area around it as a eco- tourism site. He said a 6-km-long lane had been laid from the Shanti stupa to Ghorakatora. He added that the raw beauty of nature at this spot would be preserved and added that no concrete construction nor diesel or petrol-run vehicles would be allowed to venture into the area in order to keep it pollution free.

CM said the basic facilities would be provided near the lake.  Swiss cottages would be set up there to dispose of government work amid the scenic beauty of the place. He further added that the lake would be developed by removing the silt from its bed for better use of its water by water resources department. Nitish said Rajgir hills are known for its ancient history and pledged to save, beautify and develop such heritage sites.


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