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Police have begun an investigation into the suicide of a first year MBBS student of Patna Medical College Hospital who was allegedly being tormented by seniors for refusing of Rs 1.2k for the upcoming Saraswati Puja.

Sunny Kumar Raushan, 21, yesterday hanged himself from the ceiling of his rented room at the Mahendra Yadav Lodge in Sultanganj where he stayed.

The boy, who was from Chhapra [Saran] district, lived alone. No suicide was, however found.

Sunny’s father Kameshwar Rai is an assistant manager with State Bank of India.  His mother Meena Devi said that around three months ago, Sunny had told her that his seniors in college were ragging and abusing him.  Family sources said Sunny had alleged that his seniors had ordered him to shell out Rs 1.2k as donation for Saraswati Puja, scheduled for Feb 8, or else he would be in trouble.

Last week too, his mother received a call from him when he said; seniors were abusing and pestering him to give donation for Saraswati Puja.

Festivals  forced donations and extreme vulgarities and Gunda type activities of Seniors students, mostly in Medicals and Engineering colleges towards  innocents new comers are frequently taking place in Bihar and colleges administrations  complete failures and ignorance encouraged bad elements to commit  inhuman and barbarous acts on innocents ,new comers. Due to humiliations and fears some students took extreme-steps like suicidal bids.

Patna Medical College and involved seniors students must be punished heavily and College should pay Rs 25 lakh compensation to suffered family.



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