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Takes  Oblique  Swipe  At  BJP  On  Karnatka  C M  Issue.

It may cause some consternation in BJP circles, but chief minister Nitish Kumar took a bold posture on corruption saying there should be no double standards to view this evil.

In an oblique reference to Karnatka CM B S Yeddyurappa, who is in the thick of controversy over scandals, Nitish Said on Monday, “Agar hamare saath wale bhrasht hain toh nazar hata lein, yeh nahi ho sakta [If we ignore corruption by people on our side, it would not be justified] Nitish did not name any one, but it was clear that he was referring to his Karnatka counterpart who the BJP leadership is defending.

“Our war against corruption will lose sheen if we concentrate on graft by our rivals and ignore our people’s corruption,” said Nitish, adding he has declared a war on corruption and will not relax without getting the corrupt people convicted and their illegal properties confiscated.

The CM said corruption was rampant in the country and referred to ide-spread corruption in 2G spectrum and commonwealth Games. He was critical of P M   Manmohan Singh’s helplessness in disclosing the names people who had stashed money to the tune of $ 500 billion [Rs 22,500,00 crore] in foreign banks. His helplessness will only embolden the seamstress, he added.



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