Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

A dacoity was committed in the sleeper coach S-11 of Patna –Ahmedabad- Express train [12948 up] between Chausa and Bhadaura stations [UP] under Danpur division of East Central Railway [ECR] in the wee hours on Saturday.

Criminals looted valuables worth of Rs 1 lakh, including cellphones, cash and ornaments from the passengers. Later, they got down from train near Bhadaura by disconnecting vacuum of the train.

They escaped unchallenged with the booty under the cover of darkness.  According to sources, about half-a-dozen criminals boarded the train at Buxar and started the looting passengers when the train left the station around 3.15 am. The police and RPF have badly failed to stop decoities, robberies and heinous crimes by the criminals since 2-3 months in Bihar, this is not good sign for good governance of NDA 2 government in Bihar and sending very bad messages in the masses and it may play crucial roles in upcoming panchayat elections.



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