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The fully decorated tableau of Bihar, reflecting the concept of religious tolerance, is ready to take part in the republic day celebrations in New Delhi.  The tableau prepared in the national capital depicts Maner Sharief, once the centre of Sufi Saints, and will be projected as an example of religious co-existence and tolerance.

The tableau showcases the Sufi tradition in India and the Saints who contributed significantly to bridge the gulf between the Hindus and Muslims are one and for both of them, the way of pure mediation is one.

Maner Sharif is situated 4o km west of Patna main town and is famous religious place having two historical tombs; one of “Hazrat Makhdoom Yahia Maneri” called “Bari Dargah” and another of Shah Daulat or Makhdoom Daulat, also called ‘chhoti Dargah’ built with beautiful red-sand stones.  In ancient times, the Maner was actually “Maner Mathan”, literally meaning “musical city”.

Hazrat Makhdoom Sharfuddin Yahia Maneri made a significant contribution to strengthening the concept of integration in India. MOHD TUGLAQ and BABAR had paid visits the great Saints.  He died in 1608 and his disciple Ibrahim Khan, the Mughal governor of Bihar, constructed “Bari Dargah” in 1616.

In the tableau displayed on a tractor, Sheikh Yahia Maneri is shown in a blessing mood. Flower decorations have been arranged around the structure. People of all castes, creed and religion are shown moving in front of tableau. Four people are carrying the pious ‘ chadar’ to offer on the tomb. Some of them are carrying a basket of offerings.  The replica of “Bari Dargah” of Maner Sharif is displayed on the side of the tableau on the trailer. White pigeons are shown on the tomb as symbol of peace.  Five qawwals [Singers] are shown with musical instruments. Five people of all religions are shown offering prayers just beside them.

Maner Sharif is wonderful example of secularism, brotherhood and representation of composite culture Bihar as well as India, our society has the deepest roots of secularism since ancient times and unique in the whole world. This should be preserved at all cast in the larger interest of the country.



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