Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

Little Anita went eagerly to school on Saturday.  But at the locked gates, she turned back after finding that her school was closed because of the state government-sponsored bandh.

The school was just one of lakhs of establishments and institutions which had closed. And buoyed by a fairly good response to the bandh called at short notice, a visibly defiant chief minister BSY Yeddyurappa vowed to fight the prosecution sanction against him, both in courts as well in the people’s courts. He ruled out any move resign. “Why should I resign?”  Yeddyurappa asked at a news conference.  He plans a lengthy battle with Governor H R Bhardwaj and will go all over the state explaining the latter’s alleged role in destablising his government. “I won’t show my back and run away without facing the issues.

There is several instances of stepping down of chief ministers in past, into Union of India but Yeddyurappa has adopted totally undemocratic stand to remain in power,in spite of a serious persuation from his own party BJP to step down of direct corruption charges to him, but he silent  the voices of party leadership and remained in saddle  fiercely, adopting all corrupt practices,like disqualification of his own party’s MLAs, who opposed him. BJP leadership dancing on the tune of Yeddyurappa and his action clearly shows that he has no respect for democratic norms of the country and he should be immediately dismissed by the President of India without further delay.


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