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In a move aimed at reducing the workload of district magistrates in Bihar, testate government has asked the top district officials to play only a regulatory and supervisory role with focus on law and order, social and communal harmony and end of corruption.

Addressing a meeting of divisional commissioners and DMs here on Saturday, chief minister Nitish Kumar asked them to concentrate on three programs:  census, unique photo identity card  and  upcoming  panchayat elections.  He said people’s mandate must be respected and good governance must be ensured in a better manner than how it was put into action during last five years.

The DMs role has been changed, principal cabinet secretary Afzal Amanullah told newsmen after the daylong meeting of the DMs and divisional commissioners which was also attended by top bureaucrats and secretaries of various departments. The DM s role, as it is, is that of supervision but they have been burdened with other miscellaneous functions, he said.

Practically all the decisions, including selection of contractors and builders for development works, are being taken by DM s. Now they are not supposed to pass schemes, make estimates and sign cheques. Amanullah said.

Nitish govt has taken right decision at the right times. DM s not supposed for contractual jobs their duties mainly is related with law & orders and keep eagle’s eyes ongoing development works in the state. Now quality and timely execution of works must be re-stored. A very good step has taken by state government in Bihar.



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