Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

B S Yeddyurappa’s alleged illegal acts and favouritism helped his family get pecuniary benefits of Rs 189.71 crore and caused the state exchequer a loss of Rs 465.32 crore, Karnatka governor H R Bhardwaj said in his January 21 order while granting sanction to prosecute the chief minister.

Governor Bhardwaj cited 15 cases, of these, gains in two have not qualified. When Ashok Chavan Sibu Soren of Jharkhand and Laloo Prasad of Bihar had already been stepped down from chief minister ship on corruption charges, why not Yeddyurappa? The BJP did not left anything unturned unless these leaders left the post,why the party buckled down under the pressure of corrupt CM.

The BJP following the high democratic values of our country should remove Yeddyurappa and appoint a good politician from Karnatka to head the state government and should not be a party between Governor and CM tangles. Other-wise this government would be first and last in the southern states of India.



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