Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

In a somewhat novel move, the Nitish Kumar Govt. Has mooted a legislation to guarantee right to service [RTS] to the citizens so as to curb corruption in the bureaucracy. “We are working on the draft Bill which would be tabled in the house in the next session of the legislature, ” Kumar said on Tuesday.  The idea is to create a healthy work culture in the state offices.  Officials and employees not doing their job within a time frame would be fined. “The fine will be deducted from their salary,”  he said.

Corruption in the offices of Sub divisional Officer [SDO] and Block Development Officer [BDO] has been a common complaint during the last five years of  “Sushasan.” Or good governance, of the Kumar government.  Allegations that people had to cough up money even for getting caste, birth and death certificates flew thick and fast. So much so that the opposition almost made it an election issue during just concluded assembly polls.CM Kumar during electioneering, pledged to take on the corrupt on priority


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