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The Centre has sanctioned Rs 378 crore to the state for the Human Resources Development [HRD] department under the National Literacy Mission [NLM] to make 1 crore non literate adult people, including Women, literates in the next 15 months, or by the end of fiscal [2011-2012].

NLM director general Jagmohan Singh Raju said here on Friday the NLM will cover all the 38 district of the. At the national level, other states have been saddled with the responsibility to make the remaining 6 crore non-literate people literates during the same period. “The aim is to increase the literacy rate of the country through special   measures,” he said.

As per the programme, the implementing committee constituted at the panchayat level and headed either by the Mukhia or Sarpanch would be responsible for executing this centrally sponsored scheme in which the Centre’s share of the fund is 75%, and of the state the remaining 25%.  Besides, as the NLM warrants, one Adult Education Centre [AEC] has to be set up at the panchayat level for every panchayat with 5k people.  State HRD minister P K Shahi said that since the average population of each panchayat in the state is more than 5k, the Deptt would submit a proposal to the NLM for two AECs in every panchayat.

According to Raju, the number of AECs in the state would be 7.7k.  Shahi said that every AEC would have two animators to impart education to the adults to be covered in the panchayat concerned.  Each of the two animators would be paid an honorarium of Rs 2k/month.  He said that the NLM would provide one-time grant of Rs 60k for the capacity building of every AEC, while another Rs 72k also would be paid to the AEC. The amount includes Rs 48k payable to the 2 animators as honorarium and the remaining Rs 24k would be spent on other required expenses.

This is very old schemes of Bharat Sarkar for raising literacy rate of Adults including women, and thousands of crore already   being spent in Bihar under NLM but result is very poor, strong lobbies of powerful NGOs, education mafias and concerned officials nexes ingulfed entire money and submits bogus reports against their allotments.

Again these ugly heads would try to grab the schemes through corrupts mukhiyas and official. Hence strong monitoring and watch dogs required by government to implement the schemes meant for noble causes. Districts magistrates could be made entirely responsible for successful implementation of the schemes.



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