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The health department is set to achieve the requisite number of Accredited Social Health Activists [ASHA] workers in the state with appointment of more than 8k Asha Workers before January 25.

With fresh appointments on card, the total number of Asha workers in the state would reach 80k, the no required to cater to the medical need of rural people in the state. At present, there are about 71.35k Asha health workers in Bihar. These Asha workers, christened as social Health workers, would act as an intermediary between the health centres and the villagers with works assigned to to them to oversee the vaccination of children, institutionalized delivery, family planning and first aid care.

State Health Society [SHS] executive Director [ED] Sanjay Kumar said, “They would be appointed for every 1000 population and would be selected from the general meeting convened in every village.” Any woman could voluntarily make herself available for the service, he said, adding the date, time and venue of meeting would be decided shortly.



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