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Bihar’s anger cooled down by UP Government releasing 5k cusec water supply to century old “Sone Canal System” from yesterday.

As per verdict of Water Tribunal Authority of India Guide lines Bihar’s share of Sone Water has been allotted about 10k cusec but due to several unknown reasons UP Government was releasing about 1k to 1.2k cusec water about 10 to 12% only against the Tribunal’s award.

Insufficient supply of water into Sone canal system in south-west of Bihar from Uttar Pradesh led deep unrest in the farmers of Sone canal System, their ‘Rabi crops started dying’ due to shortage water for irrigation to fields. Sensing the great impact of farmer’s crisis and anguish, the Bihar Govt. Water resources Department sent its official to UP for immediate improvement and enhancement of Bihar share of Sone awarded by the Govt. of India and simultaneously Bihar reminded UP with strong worded letters for the fulfillment of norms led into Inter-state River’s water share.

Thanks to UP Government supplying about 50% water of Bihar share and contributing a great help to Sone based farmers for good Rabi crops production.

Since failure of two consecutive monsoon rain falls in the catchment of Sone River is main cause of supplying under hand quantity of water into Sone canal by UP but at least 50% quota will be great boost for Rabbi crops in Sone canal basin.



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