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In a no-nonsense reaction to the violence against proposed mega power project at Nabinagar in Aurangabad, chief minister Nitish kumar on Monday threatened to withdraw the project.

Kumar said the agitators have staked claim on government land. Now that the government is handing over the land for the NTPC- state government power project, these farmers are demanding compensation.

We have been paying handsome compensation for private land acquired for such purposes. But the government cannot pay compensation for its own lan, he said.

We have only two options, plant or no plant. If the stir continues, I am sorry to say the power plant will not come up there, the C M said and wondered what price the land in the vicinity would fetch if the proposed plant is withdrawn from the site. Kumar said he has all sympathies for people with genuine complaints. But no one has the right to damage public property. Action would be taken against agitators who set afire a locomotive of a train on Saturday, he added. Kumar said the state needs power urgently. Hurdles in the way of the mega project are detrimental to the interests of the entire state and its people, he said while appealing to all the political parties to see reason. He also asked the farmers not to be misguided by vested interests.

Nitish Kumar should take strong and essential steps to call all parties meet and resolved the land acquisitions issued immediately and also to appoint local committee of farmers to convince the claimants of government lands as their private properties but in no condition, the project may be a banded from Bihar.



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