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Even as the state government has expressed its determination to streamline the system of higher education and improve the functioning of the Universities, it has not devised a fool proof mechanism to appoint competent people as vice-chancellors.

Both the state government and the Chancellors office are engaged in the job of selecting new Vice-Chancellors in five Universities, but academicians are not sure whether the selection of new VCs would be a fair one.

A person has being appointed as a VC should an academician and have administrative acumen too. These days, aspirations are high and everybody expects to become a VC. But the powers that be must look for individuals who have excellence and long-term vision. They have to be transparency and objectivity while appointing a Vice-Chancellor.

The UGC guidelines suggest appointment of VCs through a search committee consisting of a nominee each of the state government, the Chancellor and the UGC. A central registry process for the appointment of Vice-Chancellors has been proposed by the Higher Education and Research Bill, 2010.

The VCs appointments have become political in Bihar  hence all norms should be taken into the consideration of finals names with complete transparency so that no controversies may arise from any angle and the integrity of higher education may be re-store in its previous status.



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