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The sexual abuse of a city girl, Shaista, ended on a happy note for her and her tormentor, besides their families, at Special Camp Jail at Bhagalpur on Monday, when they tied the nuptial knot.

Shaista, a young girl of Hussainpur locality under Mojahidpur police station, chose to forgive her tormentor Md Gyas Raza, a resident of Nawab Toli under Habibpur police station, and agreed to tie the nuptial knot with him after persuasion of parents and relatives from both sides. The special camp jail, wher Shaistas tormentor Raza is locked up since Sept 2010, became the marriage venue.

The Jail officials and staff, other jail inmates along with the parents of both the bride and the bridegroom witnessed and blessed the couple while the Nikaah Nama was being read by the Qazi.

A report would be sent to the court about the marriage between the two and only after the court directive can Raza be released, the jail superintendent said. Nice decision taken by parents and society members to get them married, other-wise their lives become hell in the public’s eyes. God may bless both of them happy and prosperous lives after the incident. Bihar Government officials have also done extra-ordinary good works to extend their good gestures to perform the nuptial knot in jail. Very good works on their behalf indeed, this kind of jail officials may bring very pleasant atmosphere in the society in the future and will the face of Bihar in the country and in the world.



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