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The Sabarimala stampede toll rose to 102 on Saturday. A judicial inquiry was ordered into the tragedy that also left 60 injured.

The judicial inquiry will bring out the facts. All steps will be taken to carry out relief and rescue operations, Kerala chief minister V S Achuthanandan said at Idukki, 60 km from the site. The statement came amid confusion over what triggered the stampede. He conveyed his govt’s gratitude to those who helped victims of the tragedy.

Families of those killed will each get Rs 5 lakh compensation. Those with serious injuries will get Rs 50k and Rs 25k will go to those with minor injuries. P M Manmohan Singh has announced compensation of Rs 1 lakh to the kin of dead and Rs 50k to the injured. Good gestures of PM towards Sabarimala stampede victims & their kins. Sorry to say that Kerala has several previous records of such incidents due to high speed driving, it must be stopped with immediate effects.


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