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A spate of Kidnappings in the state in recent weeks has become a source of concern for the state police and as well as public. The sudden spurt in incidents of abductions for ransom has been such that Bihar witnessed no less than 11 such cases in December alone, while two such cases have been reported in the state in January so far.

These incidents have triggered panic and confusion among the people. Surprisingly, the incidents of kidnapping began soon after the Nitish Kumar-led NDA government in Bihar assumed charge after an impressive victory in the recent assembly polls.

Police acted swiftly to solve many of the cases, arrest the persons behind the kidnappings and rescue the victims unharmed.

Police have no answer to the reason behind the sudden spurt in kidnapping cases in the state which had certainly witnessed marked improvement in the overall law and order situation during the first tenure of NDA government. Law & order failures may affect adversely towards industrial growth as well as investment in the state. It should be strictly monitored by the CM himself daily.


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