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A magistrate rightly lost her job for ticketless travel in Mumbai locals, said the Apex Court which denied her pension. The court said her compulsory retirement was justified and also rejected the pension plea because she demanded free first-class travel and behaved offensively when ticket checkers caught her travelling without ticket three times between Mulund and Dadar. “In a country governed by rule of law, nobody is above the law, including judicial officers,” said a bench of Justices Mukundakam Sharma and AR Dave. The court said that being a judicial officer, it was in her best interest that she carried herself in a decorous and dignified manner. If she had deliberately chosen to depart from these high and exacting standards, she is appropriately liable for disciplinary action. Their lordship may pardon the poor lady for her faults and may kindly reconsider the pension matter is that directly related to her livelihood.



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