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A woman’s quest to know the condition of Maithili women earned her the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award in Maithili, 2010. ‘Bhamati’, the colorful depiction of a Maithili woman’s way of survival, has been chosen by the jury for the Award. The AWARD would be conferred upon her on Feb 15. The awarded book, ‘Bhamati’ is a story of a couple Vachaspati Mishra and Bhamati depicting unflinching dedication of a wife. I wanted to know that what went so wrong in the Mithila society that got reflected in the portrayal of a lady in the contemporary texts.

Usha’s queries based on another text, written in the 10th century, ‘Bhamati Tika’, speaks of Bhamati, who, for 18 long years only lighted the lamp while her husband Vachaspati, a philosopher worked on the analysis of a text ‘Brahma Sutra’, given to him by the 6th Shankaracharya. After the text was over Vachaspati asked the lady, lighting the Diya beside him about her I dentity and in reply she said “ I am your wife.” Her husband was so touched to see her dedication, that he named the book ‘Bhamati Tika’. Extreme sacrifice only possible in Indian women.


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