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The Bihar government has entered with an agreement of about $ 230 million soft loan from the World Bank to reconstruct 1 lakh houses, 290 km roads, 90 culverts & bridges, rising & strengthening of 8km flood embankment and to provide employment of 50 k people, in Koshi areas of Bihar state that was divested & damaged during high flood 2008 in the Koshi River. Five district of Koshi Division namely, Madhe-pura, Supaul, Saharsa, Areria and Purnia, were washed away from the furry of Koshi flood during flood 2008.

The Bihar government has constituted a society called [BIHAR DISASTER REHABILITATION & RECONSTRUCTION SOCIETY] under the supervision and guidance of this society about Rs 1k crore will be spent on above mentioned schemes. The first time Bihar government has entered with World Bank for soft loan on very low interest and payable up to 2045. Very Very good efforts by the government to rehabilitate the Koshi flood victims of flood 2008.


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