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Whether the local tabloid Quisling’s Editor Nawalesh Pathak abetted or conspired in the killing of BJP MLA Mr. Kesri is still under probe, but his proximity with the assailant, Rupam Pathak, is now beyond any iota of doubt.

Purnia SP Nayyar Husnain Khan made this observation while speaking to media on Saturday after a prolonged interrogation of the journalist on Friday. The journalist, who was arrested on Thursday, has since been remanded to judicial custody till January 18. The SP said Nawalesh Pathak, whose revelation of the charges of sexual exploitation of Rupam allegedly by the slaim MLA and his aide created a political storm some months back, was constantly in touch with the Rupam Pathak. Nawalesh had a long conversation with Rupam Pathak the night before the killing, i.e. on January 3, the police sources said.

Meanwhile, Nawalesh, during his short interaction with the media, remarked, “It is not just a murder case. There are far too many things behind it.” A team of Purnia doctors examined Rupam on Saturday inside the Purnia jail. Civil surgeon RC Mandal said her health was perfectly fine.


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