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Rupam Pathak shocked the country with her vengeful stabbing of Bihar BJP MLA Raj Kishore Kesri [51] on the morning of January 4 and then created ripples again Thursday, when she said she was unrepentant of her act, after she had confessed to it. Rupam alleged Kesri had sexually abused her over a long period of time. Now, her husband, Ashok Kumar Pathak, is backing her claim and reiterating the allegation that the politician had abused Rupam sexually.

Ashok [42] contended that his wife had lodged an FIR against Kesri at the Khazanchihat police station in Purnia district of Bihar on April 18 last year, but was forced to withdraw it after the couple received death threats from the MLA.

Assaulted by a mob after she killed the MLA, Rupam is convalescing at a hospital in Katihar town in Bihar. “Hang me, hang me, “A cop cited her as shouting the moment the police opened the hospital room for the DIG to quiz Rupam. She appeared to be in a trance.

“The MLA was somewhat cordial to us before he committed horrendous crime against my wife many times. Because he was a local MLA, we even invited him as the chief guest at the inauguration of our school Rajhans Public School, Shakti Nagar- close to our residence at Sipahi Tola in Purnia” Ashok said.

The couple’s dream to permanently settle with their two children—a daughter and a son—in Bihar seem to have been shattered with Tuesday’s bloody incident.

“I have not been able to eat a morsel since I heard the Shocking news. My daughter, who is to appear for her class-X11 examination at Imphal in the next few days, is also shaken. I thank God that at least my little son is unaware of the incident,” said Ashok, who along with his two children, is currently staying at a rented house in Imphal. The incident is litmus test of falling our political moral.



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