Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

Here it is given caste-wise seats won by different parties in Bihar assembly elections from 1990 to 2010 in tabular form as below:

Castes                       1990          1995     2000        2005         2010

Yadav-                       63               86          64            54              39,

Koiri-                          12              13           12            16             21,

Kurmi-                        18             27             22           22             19,

Bania-                          18            18             12            16             13,

Most Backward Castes— 06         16         11            19            17,

Total: –                            117        160          121         127        109,

Brahmin-                          27           09            08             10         16,

Bhumihar-                        34           18            19             23        26,

Rajput-                            41             22            26           23           31,

Kayasth-                         03             07            03            03            03,

Total of upper castes:  105,           56             56           59            76,

Muslim – 35 Muslims candidates lost their seats by margin from 29 to 1000 votes, Fraz Fatmi of RJD lost from Keoti just from 29 votes to BJP Ashok Yadav and Naiyar Azam by 508 votes from Madhubani to Ramdeo Mahto of BJP.

Muslims populations in Bihar is about 17 %, as per Muslim voters strength about 40 to 45 seats should go in Muslims fold but they never cross two dozen marks but Upper castes in Bihar having only 15% voting strength and had w0n 76 seats about 32% that is double their voting power and at the same times Muslims tally is not up to half of their voting power, why it happened in assembly and parliamentary elections, the main reason given below:

Major political parties like JDU and BJP fielding very less candidates, JDU fielded-14 and won 07 and BJP fielded-01 and won-01, total Muslims fielded by NDA=14+1=15 and won=7+1=08, strike rate more than 50%. Cong fielded-46 and won only-03 , RJD fielded-26, won-06 and LJP-10 and won-02, Major Gainer in election 2010, NDA given tickets to Muslims less than one percent, this is the turning point of less representation of Muslims in assembly 2010.

NDA has garnered about 30% of Muslim votes but candidates fielded less than 01%, it seems a great injustice to this communities that is lagging behind in all areas of developments.

JDU being a secular party should not have partitioned attitudes towards this community other-wise in coming elections Muslims may stand against NDA; in any condition no one could deprive 17% populations to deliver the goods.

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