Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

The Nitish Kumar-led JDU—BJP  Alliance won more than 4-5ths of the Bihar Assembly seats on Wednesday, but there was unusual aspect to this landslide. The alliance got a little less than 2-5ths of the votes cast.

Here is a table that gives the details of percentage of seats and votes received by winners from 1977 to 2010, may be seen below:


Elections Winner            Seats Won       Share of Seats [%] Vote Share

Sikkim 2009           SDF                 32/32                       100%                  66.0

Sikkim 2004          SDF                  31/32                       97                         71.1

Tripura 1977       Left Front          54/60                      90                        49.7

J&K     1987            NC-Cong            66/76                   87                         53.2

Bihar 2010          JDU—BJP 206/243 85                        39.1

Bengal 2006         Left Front         235/294                 80                           49.5

Lok Sabha 1984     Congress         404/514                79                           49.1

NDA polled-36.2% in 2005 and 39.1% votes  in 2010 elections, just an increase of 2.9% but seats gained 206—143=63, and RJD-LJP Combine polled 25.6% only, hence a gap of 39.1-25.6=13.5%,reduced RJD-LJP from 64-25=39,votes gain for NDA is 2.9% but gains in seats is from [85-55=30%]. In short, the swing against the Lalu-led alliance was much sharper than the swing in favour of the Nitish-led NDA.



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