Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

Constituency Number. : 100.
Constituency Name. : Barauli.
District Name. : Gopalganj.
Name of Winner Candidate. : Shri Rampravesh Roy.
Name of winning Party. : BJP.
Votes Received. : 45234.
Vote Difference. : 10414.

Comments on: "Constituency number 100,Barauli,results for Bihar Assembly Election 2010" (2)

  1. Mohammad Zakir Hussain said:

    I m n’t satistied with the victory of Mr Ram Parwesh rai because being a muslim I would like to ask him what he has done for the muslims community.Pls all the muslim candidate according to the result u should understand the polities this thing happens in every electiion Mr Nehmatullah only because of few votes n able to win.we all know that votes are casting on the basis of religion then why we do not understand it may be most candidate says that they works for all community but what happens after election they do the same thing.we are muslim we should be united so that no one can harms us.don’t be jealous with each others need to support at this tme we should be only one point of view that should be only the win of muslim community.U people are not ignorent of all these thing u can see openly in your society.I m not against Ram Parwest Rai but the fact is quite vivid & clear let see what mr Mla do for us.

  2. sanjar alam said:

    I m not happy with the result of barauli not being a muslim.i m also not in the favour of nehmatullah.because of his nature of changing the party at the time of election.ramperwesh rai was the minister last time but he did not devloped the the people of barauli select him again ..i can’t belive.but i m quit sure he is not going to win the next election because I m coming soon..and tell the definitation of devlopment….i will make barauli as a district by 2020

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