Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

Nehaluddin sitting RJD MLA from Rafiganj in the Aurangabad district. 15 candidates fighting elections including 5 independents from Rafiganj constituency. It should be recalled that few days back hard core Maoists kidnapped Nehaluddin along his a dozen supporters in afternoon of Abha block and damaged his two vehicles but after 4-5 hours. Maoists released all the hostages without harming them. Rafiganj had seen long revolution of socialist and communist movements of land reforms. This place has witnessed landless-labour struggles with landlords; hence it regards as birth place of naxal movement in Aurangabad. It should also be remembered that landlords of Aurangabad formed a militant group of youngster called [SUN LIGHT SENA] of Rajputs and Pathans to protect their lands from communist land grabbers between 1980 to1990.Many bloody encounters resulted several killings in the areas.

Congress, JD-U, BahuJan Samaj Party,CPI(ML) have fielded strong candidates against Nehaluddin but his RJD-LJP vote banks look intact and he is in comfortable position. State Govt. encountered Sena to stop blood shed but labourers become naxalites.


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