Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

Belaganj, the constituency promising a nail biting finish between RJD strongman Surendra Prasad Yadav and his JDU rival Md Amjad, recorded the highest percentage of votes in the five constituencies of the district that went to polls on November 9, 2010. As per official figures, nearly 55% of Belaganj voters exercised their franchise. The constituency has a voter strength of 2,19,514, of which 1,20,442 cast their votes at 263 polling stations.

The Voters turnout witnessed a jump of nearly 17% as compared to the Oct/Nov. 2005 assembly elections. This increase has come as surprise to poll watchers and intense speculation is on as to whom these additional voters support. The 17% increase in voter turnout is a big jump. In the last assembly elections, only 75,658 of the 1,97,448 voters had exercised their franchise.

The victory of Surendra Yadav totally depends upon the performance of the Congress candidate who is also a Muslim. Any division in Muslims vote would be beneficial to RJD’s candidate other wise Yadav may bite dust at hosting this time as polls experts predict.


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