Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

In Kaimur district there are four assembly constituencies namely, Bhabhua, Mohania [reserved], Ramgarh and Chainpur.

The status of sitting MLAs party-wise is,

  • RJD—Ambika Singh Yadav [Ramgarh]
  • BJP—Brij Kishore Bindh,
  • JDU—Chhedi Paswan [Mohania reserved] and
  • BSPRamchandra Singh Yadav [Bhabhua].

In Bhabhua constituency 22 candidates are contesting election but contest seems confined between RJD-LJP candidate Dr. Pramod Singh, Congress Vijay Shankar Pandey ,ex-MLA, BJP – Anand Bhushan Pandey ex-MLA, BSP Vijaya Lamxi Devi,daughter –in-law of Ram Lal Singh ex-MLA and Samajvadi Party Enamul Haque Khan.

All political parties and their nominees are making contact with voters,  mostly farmers busy in their fields for preparing lands for wheat crops.

Although the remaining 26 seats are scheduled for polls on 20/11/2010. Give that Bhabhua is situated close to the border of Uttar Pradesh, there are many seats where BSP is strong and winning continuously since 2005 like, Bhabhua, Buxar, Mohania, Chainpur and DInara etc. It would be interesting to see whether the BSP is able to main winning trend this time or not.

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