Comprehensive Information on Bihar 2010 Assembly Election, Politicians and General Bihar Politics

After back-breaking sessions of campaigning in the heat and dust of the state’s political terrain, candidates are now letting their hair down. Oops! Months of stress and tension need a release. So while some have taken up gardening, others have returned to the printed word for company. Some are beating stress by net surfing and socializing. Thirty seven year old JDU candidate Nitish Mishra, contesting from Jhanjharpur, watched Bollywood blockbuster Golmaal 3 to unwind after 25 days of hectic campaigning.

Dr Vinod Yadav, sitting BJP MLA from Bakhtiarpur and again contesting on the party ticket, is devoting much of his time to his passion of gardening and reading. “The last book I read was ‘Alchemist’. I do not like discussing about election as it gives nothing but tension,” he said. The first thing he did after polling was to nurture his garden, especially his roses, he said. His constituency went to polls on 1/11 and he is not in a comfortable position.

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